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Are you an online casino?

We are not an online casino, and we do not provide any gambling activities such as (casino) games or lottery on our site. We are an independent reviewer of casino sites across Europe and want to provide you, the player, information around games, promotions, and bonuses of the most trustworthy operators.

I'm having an issue with receiving my payout. Can you help?

If you have won money and the casino is not processing your payout, or you want to withdraw some of your previous deposits, please contact the casino directly via one of their support channels (phone, email or live chat). Unfortunately, as much as we would love to help you, the online casino won’t share any sensitive information of their players – especially in regards to payments – with us or any third-party.

There are so many review sites out there. Why should I trust you?

You’re right – there are many casino guides available on the Internet and, to be frank, some of them do a great a job! We pride ourselves with being truly independent. It means that we only state facts and never rank casino operators highly across our site solely because the company is paying us a fee for doing so.

I might have developed a gambling addiction. Can you help?

Being a compulsive gambler can harm your health and relationships with friends and family, and leave you in serious debt. If you feel that you have developed a problem with gambling, please refer to our dedicated guide on this topic where you will find more information as well as contact information to organisations that provide help and treatment.