Horse Racing

Horse Racing is synonymous with betting and is known to be one of humankind’s most ancient sports. It started in 4500BC by nomadic tribesmen in Central Asia and has to date just grown in popularity.

The main objective of betting on a horse is to beat the “Oddsmakers”. An “Oddsmaker” is a person who calculates or predicts the outcome of the horse race, and sets the betting odds.

The first propriety before you place any bet, is to decide what race you want to bet on. The horses are listed with all relevant details including a short history of the horse, its wins and losses, the distance it covered in previous races and a little bit of history on the jokey.

Decide which horse you favour and then place your bet.

There are different types of odds:

Fractional odds is a definite equation that is laid down as to what the punter will receive should the horse win the race. A bet placed on odds of 4/1 means that the punter will receive four times the amount he placed in the event of a win.

Decimal odds, is where the punter must first part with his/her stake in order to make a bet.

Monelyline odds have three variations. Positive figures, Negative Figures and Even Odds

Positive Figures don’t leave much to the imagination. Here they will display the exact amount that will be won should you deposit a specific amount.

Negative Figures are the opposite to Positive Figures, as here the display is how much needs to be wagered to get a specific amount back.

Even odds means that all the people who bet in one particular race will either win or lose the same amounts of money. That means that those who lose will lose the same amount as what the winners win.

Horse racing comes in many shapes and forms, race lengths and race types and is generally offered around the world and on any online sportbetting tote. The beauty about playing online however, is that you can participate in races that are being run simultaneously from around the globe – and do this all from your computer at home.